Dryers sausages, hams and cheeses

Supply and installation of equipment hams, sausages and cheeses.
Since 5000 / 250 000 watts.



Dryers allow us to replace the natural healing methods of cheeses or meats, among others, so that this process can be performed at any time of year, without needing specific weather conditions.

It also reduces the time required for drying and get the better quality assurance in all parts stored.



The product is parked in an isolated room in which to perform the desired process by a precise indoor climate control, to monitor at all times the required temperatures and relative humidities.


A vital aspect to achieve a good result is the good air distribution in the room and the product.
Our system is to promote high velocity air vertically by two pipes on the side walls of the room, which upon reaching the ground is diverted through the existing coving becoming horizontal.

Using a reciprocating effect, the air from the two passages collide and begins its ascent toward the aspiration resulting perfect sweeping around the product located in the room.


Can be performed in full-cycle processor (to do it entirely in the same room) or cycle match (for specific stages of each process)

The devices are designed to tackle the different phases of fermentation step, maturation and healing.

They adapt to any form of production of each country or region, thanks to the technical development obtained in our units and microprocessors that allow great flexibility in performance.

General Characteristics


  • Teams have inside of all the elements necessary for perfect operation.
  • Furniture in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Compressors with R404A top brand in autonomous teams.
  • Standard Batteries copper tubes and aluminum fins (optional stainless steel tubes and aluminum fins protected)
  • Battery power support, or prepared for hot water, steam, etc..
  • Medium pressure centrifugal fans, belt drive and soft start from 5.5 hp motor.
  • Electrical cabinet built into the cabinet. It offers protection and safety automation systems required for the correct operation of the equipment.
  • Estricos Manufactured under quality controls and environmental friendly ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.
  • Complies with electrical safety is cooling and pressure vessels.