Climate Industry

The new industrial equipment chillers, the energy efficiency, the ecological and reliability.

Energy efficiency, ecology, greater reliability and profitability are the factors that govern today is the cooling machines. Whether the unit is used in industrial refrigeration engineering, air conditioning in commercial buildings, workplaces or computer, insurance companies, banks, hospitals, schools: the energy saving, energy efficiency and sustainability are environmental elements that are measured by cooling units.

We have continued to develop the Quantum product family with particular these factors. The heart of the Quantum is the radial turbocharger speed controlled. The drive shaft housing is performed without oil through technology magnètica.L result produces no mechanical wear on laspiezas phones, and the risk of damage is minimal.


Integrated technology handles the rest so that the inrush current is minimized and produce an automatic power adjustment to the cooling needs of each moment. Thus, the cooling unit Quantum achieves high energy efficiency especially in medium load, so also the reverse power is reduced.